Red Dead Redemption 2 Review In Progress

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Red Dead Redemption is the best game ever made. Not my favourite, mind you, because that metric can and does factor in things other than overall quality, but in my opinion videogames don’t get better than Red Dead. With that in mind, in order to be a superior sequel Red Dead 2 needs to be the new best game ever made, which judging from the footage I’ve seen and details I’ve read, seems to be exactly what the game is going for. I have my copy and it’s going to be the only thing I play until I’m satisfied I’ve covered enough to write my review, however long that process takes. I’ve been waiting for this game for eight years, it’s a game I thought would never come, and it’s finally upon us. So watch this space, because the biggest game of the year, if not the entire lifespan of my time writing about games is upon us, and I’m going to review it. I’m going to review Red Dead Redemption 2.

By James Lambert

Author: James Lambert

My name is James and I run this here Reviewing Floor. Game reviews, opinion pieces and episode by episode breakdown reviews of anime and live action TV are my stock in trade, so if you're into that sort of thing, stick around and have a read, why not?

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