DLC Review- Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings

So this is something of a surprise for triple A- free DLC. Free DLC isn’t entirely unheard of you understand, but this is the kind of thing that is usually overpriced and part of a season pass- new map, new weapon, new missions; the whole shebang. Now I do put the reason for the content being free firmly on the base game being released as a buggy, broken mess but it is still a positive gesture, and I was going to get it anyway so it all turned out fine. Assassin’s Creed DLC has a mixed history- AC II cut two chapters out of the game and then sold them back to you with reasonable quality, AC III had an alternate-history story in which protagonist Connor has magic powers and George Washington is King of America (I didn’t finish it but what I played was underwhelming) and ACIV had a neat little stand-alone story in which Adewale murdered slavers and freed captured slaves. I liked that one a whole bunch. So how does this one stack up? Can I even criticise it considering it’s free? I’ll answer that last one now- of course I can.

Set after the half underwhelming, half infuriating ending of AC Unity, “Dead Kings” finds Arno is the town of Franciade doing… something or other for the Marquis De Sade (mercifully a fetch-quest and not De Sade’s usual interests), and then he rescues a child and helps him find some sort of magic trinkets or something that eventually lead him to a piece of Eden. Whereas AC Unity’s story had some genuine potential and interesting themes that it diligently squandered Dead Kings has nothing of interest going on and maintains the same flat tone throughout. Why is Arno in Franciade? When did De Sade move there? Who the hell built a portable grenade launcher with an axe blade attached to it and why is there seemingly only one of them? None of these questions are answered- Arno just shows up, helps out an annoying, unlikable (there’s a surprise) child and that’s it- no real conflict, no development, just blandness and pottering about. The game also tries to make a big, dramatic reveal out of Arno declaring “I am an Assassin!” to the little boy despite the fact that (SPOILERS FOR THE MAIN GAME) Arno was decisively kicked out of the Assassin brotherhood for being a complete arsehole and murdering people without his superiors’ say-so (SPOILERS END), and Arno himself hasn’t become any less of a cocky, annoying twat since the main story.

Gameplay wise it has all the same issues as the main game only it has barely any assassinations in it (to its eternal credit) and contains a few new things (I hesitate to use the word “features” here. As generic as “things” is I can’t deny it fits the subject matter). Chief among them being the new “Guillotine gun” weapon- the aforementioned portable grenade launcher with affixed axe blade which, in practice, makes no real difference. The explosives are both inconsistent and generally underwhelming and the axe blade is fine but not as swift or as powerful as the sword you get for beating the game. A new enemy type has been included in the form of treasure hunter types who are piss-weak on their own but in groups become as difficult as regular enemies, and are all tied to a boss man who, if killed, causes every enemy linked to him to flee. It makes the combat quicker and easier so no complaints from me. The map itself is rather small but features a more extensive underground layer which is a nice touch, and a new lantern is required to clear dark areas and scatter cockroaches. Finally the DLC throws in some abysmal attempts at puzzles that are no more mentally taxing than “Here are some braziers. Light a certain four of them in a row based on a vague clue” that took me way longer than they should purely by being incredibly annoying and needless.

Overall “Dead Kings” is a mixed bag. If you’re desperate for more AC Unity or just want to unlock all of those enticing, locked weapon and clothing items included in the main game (some were included in the main game but informed you that Dead Kings was required to buy them) then by all means go for it- it is free after all. For everyone else this is a waste of time- the story sucks, the new inclusions don’t amount to much, and it just doesn’t bring anything interesting to the table.

By James Lambert

Author: James Lambert

My name is James and I run this here Reviewing Floor. Game reviews, opinion pieces and episode by episode breakdown reviews of anime and live action TV are my stock in trade, so if you're into that sort of thing, stick around and have a read, why not?

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