So I was going to play Outlast…

…but I can’t get it to work. It unlocked on steam earlier this evening and I only just loaded it up to find that it’s incredibly laggy and sound effects are looping, even on very low settings. I’m trying to get it to work but the most immediate solution seems to be buying a new graphics card, which I can’t afford right now (My graphics card is nothing to scoff at either- I can run “Max Payne 3” on high settings among various other games, but it does have trouble with both “Spec Ops: The Line” and “Batman: Arkham City” so I don’t know.) I hope to rectify this issue as soon as I can both so I can get my review written and because I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first announced. In the meantime I’ll be reviewing “Splinter Cell: Blacklist”, “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” and of course “Grand Theft Auto V”. I’m also considering getting “Ride to Hell: Retribution” this month. I’m definitely going to review it at some point but after “Aliens” and “Survival Instinct” I need some time to recover before I willingly subject myself to it.

“Outlast” is from new developer Red Barrels- founded by three major Ubisoft players. Much like “Amnesia”, it’s a survival horror game revolving around a lack of combat or any real self-defense mechanics- instead using stealth to negotiate enemies, which in this case are inmates who retain their intelligence, not monsters with the sole purpose of chasing anything protagonist shaped. Some will attack you, some won’t, and some will lure you into a false sense of security before attempting to kill you. You’re an investigative reporter whose only light source is a night vision equipped video camera, and your basic objective is to uncover whatever the hell happened in the asylum. I myself want to know what’s going on with the rough-arse looking surgeon above. Christ.

Again, I’ll try and get the game working as soon as I can, but there will be other regular reviews in the mean time. I am really looking forward to playing the game, and hope to do so soon.

By James Lambert

Author: James Lambert

My name is James and I run this here Reviewing Floor. Game reviews, opinion pieces and episode by episode breakdown reviews of anime and live action TV are my stock in trade, so if you're into that sort of thing, stick around and have a read, why not?

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